SkyRC – T200 Dual Balance Charger


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The two-channel charger SKY RC T200 2x100W was designed to provide everything needed to charge two batteries simultaneously “under one roof” including power supply and easy to use. Unlike many competing devices, the T200 has the same power in both mains and battery power, so you can be sure to always charge the same speed. The “upright” arrangement ensures that your workshop takes only minimal space in your workshop.

The T200 allows you to charge and discharge common types of cells (NiCd, NiMH, Li-Poly, Li-Ion, Li-Fe, Li-HV, Pb), plus both built-in 6-channel balancers ensure a very safe and comfortable recharging of lithium batteries .

From conventional 50-100W chargers, it distinguishes itself by truly intelligent software, which allows the functions still common in “machines” of much higher price categories, but is designed for users of practitioners who buy the charger to charge batteries rather than watching nice pictures on the smart phone display :

  • program for new types of “high voltage” LiHV lithium batteries with charging voltage up to 4.35 V
  • adjusting the end voltage for charging and discharging for lithium batteries (allows for more gentle charging that airmen like, or, on the contrary, brutal overcharging, which is favored by “car drivers”)
  • Intelligent Power Distribution – Charge either in both max. 100W channels per channel or charge in only 200W in one channel
  • programs for charging maintenance-free lead AGM batteries and charging lead-acid batteries at low temperatures
  • measuring the total voltage and voltage of individual cells (for lithium batteries) and beyond charging / discharging
  • measuring the internal resistance of the entire set and individual cells (for lithium batteries)

Of course there is also a socket for the temperature sensor in both channels / p>

Overview of basic functions and parameters

  • Input power supply voltage 11 – 18 V DC
  • Power supply 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz
  • For charging and discharging 1 – 15 NiCd / NiMH cells, 1 – 6 Li-ion / Li-poly / Li-Fe / LiHV cells or 2- 20 V lead-acid batteries with liquid electrolyte and maintenance-free AGM
  • Adjustable charging current (0.1 A – 12.0 A)
  • Adjustable Discharge Current (0.1 A – 2.0 A)
  • Max. power for charging 100 W for each channel or 200 W for charging in only one channel
  • Max. power for 10 W discharge
  • Automatic charging and discharging mode for NiCd, NiMH with adjustable current limit
  • Charging terminated with delta-peak automatic for NiCd and NiMH batteries
  • Lithium and Pb batteries are charged by “constant current / constant voltage”
  • Adjustable delta-peak sensitivity for NiCd and NiMH batteries
  • Adjustable end voltage for charging and discharging for lithium and lead batteries
  • Repeated cyclic charging / discharging or discharging / charging for NiCd and NiMH batteries, up to 5 cycles
  • Three charging modes for lithium batteries – fast charging, charging for balancing and storage charging / discharging
  • Three charging modes for lead-acid batteries – for normal lead “car batteries”, for lead-acid batteries (electrodes with electrodes separated by an electrolyte-impregnated glass fiber separator) and for charging lead-acid batteries at low calories (-20 ° C to + 5 ° C).
  • Charging is terminated when the set time, delivered charge or temperature limit is exceeded.
  • Memory for 10 charging / discharging programs for each channel.
  • Measurement of the total voltage of the kit and individual cells (for lithium batteries)
  • Measure the total internal resistance of the kit and individual cells (for lithium batteries)
  • Temperature sensor socket
  • Backlit LCD display with simple and clear menu and display of parameters during charging / discharging
  • A number of warning text messages contribute to safe operation – incorrect input voltage, poor wiring, unsuitable battery or its condition, incorrect output polarity, etc. / li>
  • Reverse polarity protection and output short circuit protection.
  • Fan for forced cooling.
  • Compact plastic cabinet, small size
  • Built-in power supply.

The charger is equipped with XT60 output sockets and universal JST-XH service sockets for direct connection of the battery power cables and JST-XH 2-6S service connectors in both channels. charging cables and adapters. You can use standard Sky RC or RC System adapters to connect other system service connectors.

You can buy a temperature sensor to measure the temperature of charged / discharged batteries.

Note: The charger uses a terminal voltage of 2.40 V / cell (or 2.46 V / cell in the AGM battery program and in the cold charging program) when charging lead-acid batteries. (car batteries), maintenance-free AGM batteries and gel batteries with reversible valve (VRLA). Not suitable for charging gas-tight gel batteries, which must not be charged more than 2.30 V / cell.

Charger kit includes: T200 charger, power cord, instructions.

Input Voltage (Car Battery – DC) [V]11-18
Input Voltage (AC – AC) [V]100-240
Charging Current Channel 1 [A]0.1 – 12
Charging Current Channel 2 [A]0.1 – 12
Charging Power Channel 1 [W]100-200
Charging Power Channel 2 [W]100 – 0
Discharge current [A]0.1 – 2
Discharge Power [W]10
Number of channels2
NiCd [Art.1 – 15
NiMH [Art.1 – 15
Li-Pol [Art.1-6
Li-Ion [Art.1-6
Li-Fe [Art.1-6
Li-HV [Art.1-6
Pb [Art.1 – 10
Balancer Current [mA]500
Length [mm]135
Width [mm]96
Height [mm]178
Weight [g]850