SkyRC – Engine Heater


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Engine Heater Sky RC is designed to preheat combustion engines for RC car models with displacements of 3.0 to 4.3 cc (.19-.26 cu inch) diameter cylinder head with up to 63 mm. Using motor preheater can heat up from room temperature to the optimal temperature for start of 60-70 ° C in just 10 minutes. Preheating eliminates the trouble of starting a cold engine – even in cold weather!

Preheater preheats critical parts of your engine, helping to reduce the load and engine wear. Reduces the load on the crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons and liners during warm up to operating temperature. Facilitate and expedite also start the engine with lower requirements on your startbox. This will reduce fuel consumption and to shorten the minimum time required to warm the engine to operating temperature and its tuning. Also preheated candle in a preheated engine can reach a higher lifetime. Preheater is also suitable for running in the engine, because it reduces excessive tightness nezaběhnutého new cold engine. Soon you will find that the preheating is essential tool that facilitates incredible job with the engine and soon pays for itself increased engine life, higher performance and saving time starting and adjusting!

Preheating is controlled by a microprocessor; Security Timer: automatically turns off the heating after 10 minutes. Senses the temperature of the built-in temperature sensor, activity preheater is indicated by an LED. For power, you can use 12 V car battery, big 3S LiPo battery or 12 V stabilized power supply providing at least 8 A. Excessive discharge of the battery pack prevents automatic disconnecting heating at supply voltage drop.

Fireproof heated sleeve on a cylinder head of the engine and adjustable flap on the top side allows glow plugs and check the temperature of the cylinder head without having to remove the preheater. < / P>

Package includes: engine preheater with a power cord with plug XT60, connecting cable with XT60 and alligator clips, instructions.

Max. power [W]90
The diameter of sleeve preheater (max.) [Mm]63
The height of the stringing preheater [mm]0
Weight [g]65