SkyRC – DC Power Distributor with XT60 Female Connector


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The DC Power Distribution Distributor simply solves the problem of connecting multiple appliances to the output of one power supply (6-18V). It is a practical addition to your workshop and work bench at the racetrack.

DC Power Distributor Simply connect the DC Power Distributor with a 250 mm power cable with an XT60 connector to the output of your power supply (6-18 V). The Multiswitch now offers you the option of connecting the appliances to 3 pairs of banana sockets; the presence of the supply voltage is indicated by the green LED. Plugs between the sockets allow the appliance to be connected not only with a banana cable but also with small crocodiles. Total consumption of appliances is max. 10 A.

In addition to banana sockets, two USB outputs – a 5 V / 2.1 A power socket for powering / charging tablets, smartphones, digital cameras, and cameras, are available at DC Power Distributor.

The DC Power Distribution Cable is detachable (with the XT60 socket), so you can easily make the power cord exactly “tailored” according to your power supply.

The multi-drawer kit includes: Multi Power DC Power Distributor with Power Cord.

Power supply (DC) [V]6 – 18
Output current total max [A]10
Length [mm]63.7
Width [mm]44
Height [mm]22.5
Weight [g]46