SkyRC – D260 Ultimate Duo 260W AC/DC Charger


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Intelligent dual-channel charger and discharger SKY RC Ultimate Duo 260W (D260) with built-in balancers up to 130 W per channel for all types of batteries (NiMH, NiCd, LiPo, LiHV, Li-ion, LiFe and Pb). The charger is designed for power supply from 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz, 12 V lead-acid battery (car battery or traction lead accumulator) or suitable stabilized power supply (11-18 V / 30 A). Unlike a large number of chargers with built-in power supply, the D260 allows you to achieve full charging power even when powered from an internal power supply.

The D260 is equipped with truly intelligent, user-friendly software that provides a range of very useful features and has some welcome news:

  • program for new types of “high-voltage” lithium batteries LiHV with end voltage for charging up to 4.35 V
  • setting of end voltage for charging and discharging for lithium batteries (allows for more gentle charging, which the pilots like, or vice versa, brutal overcharging, which is held by “wheelchair users”)
  • Measurement of total and individual cell voltages (for lithium batteries), also outside charging / discharging
  • measurement of internal resistance of the whole set and individual cells (for lithium batteries)
  • micro USB port for PC communication and firmware update
  • when powered from the mains, both charger channels can also be used as stabilized power supplies 5-25 V and adjustable current limitation 0.1-14 A (max. 130 W)

Overview of basic functions and parameters

  • Input power supply voltage 11 – 18 V DC
  • Mains supply 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz
  • For charging and discharging 1 – 15 NiCd / NiMH cells, 1 – 6 Li-ion / LiPo / LiFe / LiHV cells or 2- 20 V lead-acid batteries
  • Adjustable charging current (0.1 A – 14.0 A) in 0.1 A steps
  • Adjustable discharge current (0.1 A – 2.0 A)
  • Max. the power for charging in channels A and B is 130 W with both DC and mains power
  • Max. 10 W per channel discharge power
  • Automatic charging and discharging mode for NiCd, NiMH with adjustable current limit
  • Charging termination with delta-peak automatic for NiCd and NiMH batteries
  • Lithium and Pb batteries are charged by the “constant current / constant voltage” method
  • Adjustable delta-peak detection sensitivity for NiCd and NiMH batteries
  • Adjustable charging and discharging end voltage for lithium batteries
  • Repeated cycling operation of charging / discharging or discharging / charging for NiCd and NiMH batteries, up to 5 cycles
  • Four charging modes for lithium batteries – normal charging, fast charging, balancing charging, storage charging / discharging.
  • End of charging when the set time, the supplied charge is exceeded.
  • Memory for 10 charge / discharge programs for each channel.
  • Measurement of total voltage of the set and individual cells (for lithium batteries)
  • Measurement of total internal resistance of the set and individual cells (for lithium batteries)
  • For mains supply, both channels of a quality-stabilized power supply with output voltage of 5-25 V with adjustable current limitation 0.1-14 A with a maximum output of 130 W can be used for supplying other electrical equipment
  • Micro USB port for communication with PC and firmware update
  • USB 5.0V / 2.1A power output for powering / charging mobile phones, tablets and similar devices
  • Backlit LCD display with simple and clear menu and parameter display during charging / discharging
  • A number of warning text messages contribute to safe operation – incorrect input voltage, wrong connection, unsuitable battery or condition, incorrect polarity at the output
  • Reverse polarity and short-circuit protection on the output. < / li>
  • Compact aluminum cabinet
  • Built-in fans for forced cooling

The charger is equipped with universal JST-XH service connector sockets for direct connection of the 2-6S JST-XH service connectors. You can use standard Sky RC or RC System adapters to connect the service connectors of other systems.

Note: The charger uses 2.40 V / cell (or 2.46 V / cell in the AGM battery and cold charging program) when charging lead-acid batteries – for this reason it is suitable for charging conventional lead-acid batteries (car batteries) and gel batteries with a reversible valve. Not suitable for charging gas-tight gel batteries that must not be charged to more than 2.30 V / cell.

The charger kit includes: Ultimate Duo D260 charger, 2 x 4 mm banana plug / power cable / XT60, power cord and instruction manual.

Input voltage (car battery – DC) [V]11 – 18
Input voltage (mains – AC) [V]100-240
Charging current channel 1 [A]0.1 – 14
Charging current channel 2 [A]0.1 – 14
Charging power channel 1 [W]130
Charging power channel 2 [W]130
Discharge current [A]0.1 – 2
Discharge power [W]10
Number of channels2
NiCd [Art.]1 – 15
NiMH [Art.]1 – 15
Li-Pol [Art.]1 – 6
Li-Ion [Art.]1 – 6
Li-Fe [Art.]1 – 6
Li-HV [Art.]1 – 6
Pb [Art.]1 – 10
Balancer current [mA]500
Length [mm]160
Width [mm]150
Height [ mm]71
Weight [g]1002