Arrowmax – SES Electric Screwdriver with Alu Case (34 in 1) Space Gray



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SES is equipped with OLED digital dynamic display designed with torque adjustment buttons forward and reverse keys. The four LED lights on the head will automatically light up while working.

During the working process of SES, the OLED screen animation shows that the screwdriver is locking or loosening the screws and the animation shows the direction of rotation of the bit. The OLED screen displays the current remaining power for a long time and displays the charging status in an animation.

The SES handle adopts a square shape with a circular arc surface, breaking the circular design of the traditional precision electric screwdriver, making it better to control the screwdriver during work, and the grip is more comfortable.

While the motor overload is effectively protected, the screwdriver is also properly protected in manual mode. The product has applied for a number of patents. The specially formulated high-capacity lithium battery makes more effective use of the internal space of the product.

Under the premise of maintaining the torque and power required for normal work, the size of the SES is reduced by more than 20% compared with current similar products. The lithium battery capacity can reach 500mAh. Makes SES work longer.

SES is equipped with an aluminum alloy storage box,with a magnetic function of the bit head.

The internal structure is compcatc. There are as many as 34 bit heads of different models. It can assemble and disassemble most of the 3C products, computers, four-axis unmanned machines, glasses, clocks, toys, models etc.

Product modelSES
Battery voltage3.7V
Dimensions15 x 15 x 136 mm
Lithium battery500mAh
No-load speed200r/min
Electric maximum
Charging time80 minutes


  • Electric screwdriver
  • Aluminum alloy storage box
  • Manual
  • 34x S2 steel 4mm bit